Report Transformation Competition–Updated

Holiday season is upon us and it is time for a little competition.

On Monday 9th of December you will have the opportunity to join a 2 hour Report Converter Webinar hosted by YAVEON.

In the first hour, I will I transform a report all the way from NAV 5.0 to the brand new NAV 2013 R2. To be specific I will transform the Service Contract report ID 5970.

The Service Contract contains all the elements which can be found i.e. the invoice report ID 206. So this is a good report to practice on, when learning how to design Document reports

I will manually upgrade this report, using many of the tips and tricks which I have only shared at my Report Training classes. Of course this only being an hour I will not have the opportunity to share them all.

If you tune in on Monday I will also show a new trick, which I currently have only shown to 2 people. This will speed up report writing even more, and yes of course I will blog about this later when time permits.

Since this is a competition and I hate to lose 😉 I will upgrade the report quite fast, so I might not get every step explained in details, but you can at least see all the steps I take, and then hopefully the Webinar will be made available for download. afterwards.

In the second hour, Daniel Parker from ArcherPoint will show how to upgrade the exact same report, the Service Contract ID 5970, using YAVEON Report Converter. And of course upgrade this to NAV 2013 R2 as well.

Daniel Parker is an expert in using the YAVEON Report Converter, so I’m excited to see how fast he can do this and if he can get the report to look as cool as mine, and not just as doll as the Classic report 😉

If you want to see me cry, because Daniel is faster, sign up for this 2 hour Report Converter Webinar hosted by YAVEON here:

I believe there is limit of 50 online viewers, so you might want to hurry up if you want a seat.

If you are interested in purchasing the YAVEON Report Converter tool, contact Andreas H.E. Dorsch

But before I end this blog post, you might also have heard that 1ClickFactory also have a Report Transformation tool. This tool differs from the YAVEON Report Converter. For the YAVEON Report Converter tool to work, the report developer are required to insert tags in the Classic report, which then guides the YAVEON Report Converted tool to transform the report correctly. This is what Daniel Parker will show. What 1ClickFactory offer is to convert the report 60-80% and then the report developer will need to make the final adjustments in Visual Studio to complete the report.

On Thursday 12th of December, 1ClickFactory is also hosting a Webinar. This Webinar is not exclusive, because Daniel and I are not presenting Winking smile, but I would really like to challenge 1ClickFactory to also show how they upgrade the Service Contract report ID 5970, not just 60%-80% but 100%, and to make it look good as well and upgrade it to NAV 2013 R2.

Because if they do this on the 12th of December, it will be very easy for the whole NAV community to compare which solution is best, and what strategy to take when upgrading Classic report to RDLC:

1. Doing a manual upgrade, Like I do

2. Using the YAVEON Report Converter

3. Using 1ClickFactory Classic report to RDLC transformation service

So Phillip Rubino if you read this, please accept this challenge so we all can compare and see which of the above 3 solutions are the best.

Update: 1ClickFactory has accepted the challenge, see more in comments. So next week you will have the option see all 3 ways of upgrading the same Classic report.
Let the best man or tool win next week Winking smile

/Thanks, Claus Lundstrøm, MVP for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

One thought on “Report Transformation Competition–Updated

  1. Great idea, thank you for remembering 1ClickFactory, we are in for the competition :).

    Everyone is welcome to join the webinar on Dec 12th 15:00 CET where we will introduce the transformation service and demo how to transform the NAV 5.0 Service Contract report ID 5970 to the brand new NAV 2013 R2 in less than 20 minutes. Demo will include how to create request page, optimize dataset by setting include caption properties, optimize dataset by creating labels, finalize report in Microsoft Visual Studio and will show working report while testing with data.

    Go here to register:


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