NAV 2013 Report Design and report transformation

While many of us was at Directions in Phoenix, USA in October, my good former colleagues Torben Wind Meyhoff and Nickolay Belofastow did a NAV 2013 Report Presentation.

At Campus Days 2012 in Denmark many presentations are in Danish, but luckily for us Nickolay does not speak Danish, so the presentation is in English for all of us to understand.

The video has just been released and can found here:

It is a pretty good presentation, but when Nickolay starts talking about exporting all objects to TXT and converting them to NAV 2013 format and then importing into NAV 2013 in TXT format, bear in mind that this can of course not be done for all objects in one go when we are only blessed with a Partner license.

But take a break and watch the presentation.

Thanks, Claus Lundstrøm,