You found me

When I started my new blog a few days ago, I was concerned that you guys would not be able find my blog. There are so many NAV blogs out there and finding them all can be challenging. But in 3 days with my first blog post live I can conclude that you did not have any problems finding little me Smile

I’m a sharing guy so let me share the number of hits I got so far. In the 3 days the blog has been live, I now have a little under 5000 hits. This is actually more hits that I used to get in 3 days when blogging on the NAV team blog, so I’m happy and will continue blogging. Thanks guys!!!

Although you might want to follow my blog on Mibuso I suggest you subscribe to the “ Master Site Feed” found here:  
This way you can subscribe to all bloggers on Mibuso and don’t have spend time find new post for all the blogs. Many of you are probably already doing this, but just wanted to give you this little tip.

Also from the blog post stats, I can conclude that none of you are using Bing. Being at Microsoft for 13 years I might have be brainwashed, but I’m only using Bing as my search engine. I rarely use Google, and when I do I realize that what I could not find on Bing, I could not find on Google either. So to me the search engines are pretty much the same, or am I missing out? Bing has an awesome new picture everyday to look at, instead of the letters in Google created in different shapes depending of day of your search.

Maybe you should give another chance?  

Thanks, Claus Lundstrøm,

One thought on “You found me

  1. Great information and thank you Claus for your continued work on reporting, you always have a great wealth of knowledge to share with everyone.


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